2022-23 Health Benefits

Below are the 2022-23  health benefit plan descriptions (SBC's)

Anthem PPO 100% Plan SBC 

Anthem PPO 90% Plan SBC

Anthem PPO 80%-G Plan SBC

Anthem PPO 80%-L Plan SBC

Anthem PPO Minimum Value Plan SBC

Anthem PPO 2-Tier Anchor Bronze Plan SBC

Kaiser $10 Co-Pay Plan SBC 

When you enroll in one of the above medical plans (excluding the Anthem PPO 2-Tier Anchor Bronze Plan), you are automatically enrolled in the following Vision and Dental plans.

VSP Vision Dual Copay -  Signature Plan C 

Delta Dental Incentive  Plan $1,000

Use the Benefit Provider Contact List and contact the carrier if you have questions about a plan’s coverage and /or benefits.