Somis Union School District

Serves:  Somis

Grades:  K-8

Students:  238

Superintendent: Jesus Vaca, Ed.D.


Shhh! I’m about to tell you one of the best kept secrets in Ventura County. Nestled into the hills behind Camarillo, between avocado orchards, fruit stands, and pastoral horse ranches, you will find the quiet little town of Somis. There is a post office, a fire station, and a 100-year-old hardware store, but there is no gas station, no fast food, no franchise stores, no mayor, no city council, and there is so little crime that some call us “Mayberry.”

And now, here is the secret. . . in the heart of this amazing town is a gem of a school called Somis Elementary School. The Somis Elementary School District has been serving generations of families since 1892. With an enrollment of only about 250 students, ages four to fourteen, this is a place where everyone knows your name. It has been said that Somis School is a public school that provides a private school education.

Our learning extends beyond the four walls of school with a productive school garden and trips to the ballet, the zoo, Channels Islands, Outdoor School, the missions, the MOXI museum, the Reagan Library, the Getty museum, local farms, the Discovery Cube and more. All students receive music instruction and hands-on art education from local artists. Our art program has been recognized in our state capital and in many local publications. We know that a well-nourished body leads to better learning so we provide free breakfasts and freshly cooked lunches to all students.

All teachers are credentialed and dedicated to providing a first class education. The majority of the staff has been here for 15 years or more!  And why do they stay when they could earn more money in a neighboring town? Because they love the school and the community they serve. We have a supportive school board, wonderful families, and kind children. Our students aren’t perfect (no one is), but the expectation is that every day we operate from a core of respect for ourselves and others, which is why our students know that drugs, vaping, gangs, and fights are to be avoided at all cost.

What you will find at Somis School are caring adults who are committed to providing all children with the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary to be successful and productive members of society. Stop by for a visit sometime. As the saying goes, “May all who enter as guests, leave as friends.”