Mupu Elementary School District

Serves:  North of Santa Paula

Grades:  K-8

Students:  166

Superintendent:  Marlene Batista, Ed.D.


Walking into the peaceful courtyard of Mupu School, one immediately sees the beauty and power of the small school environment. There is a pervasive friendliness and respect amongst scholars and between scholars and staff. Mupu is truly a place to learn and grow.

Our long tradition of academic excellence began in 1879, and here we are in 2019, a learning community deeply immersed in 21st century learning. What does this mean? It means when you walk into a classroom, you will see scholars engaging in academic conversations and collaborating as they find solutions to a rigorous math problem. You will see critical thinking as they code robots or use our CAD program to design on our 3D printer. You will see creativity as they learn to play the ukulele or guitar, or create a masterpiece with one of our visiting artists. You will also see that technology is an essential part of our learning day and how adept and comfortable our scholars are when using multiple devices.

Although we are a 21st century school, we also have many long-standing traditions that are an integral part of our school day. Every morning we gather to think about the type of people we want to be. We do this through the lens of our H.E.A.R.T. guidelines:

- Have a positive attitude
- Expect success
- Accept responsibility
- Respect myself and others
T - Think before acting

This daily ritual is a great beginning and helps set a positive tone for the day. It is also one of the special times that our graduates fondly remember and miss about Mupu.

Positive learning experiences occur outside the classroom as well. Every year, our upper-grade scholars participate in multi-day, overnight field trips at the Catalina Island Marine Institute, AstroCamp, and Aquarium of the Pacific. We also visit local museums, zoos, colleges, and enjoy performing arts at Pepperdine University. We are thankful to have an active and supportive parent group that helps fund these excursions.

We truly believe Mupu is a place where academic excellence in a unique and nurturing setting occurs. Please check out our website at for more information and see what is happening at our school.